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  • History

    When we show our clients the hamlet of Camporsevoli, one of the most frequent questions asked concerns the age of the buildings they are looking at.

    We try to explain that it is difficult to establish the actual age with certainty since some of the stones date back to recent renovations forty or fifty years ago, while others date back almost three thousand years.
    The remains of an Etruscan tomb are beneath what was formerly the feud’s courthouse, now identified by a stone plaque.When our ancestors acquired Camporsevoli in the mid-19th century, many important Etruscan amphorae, vases, urns, and utensils were found on the property. These were subsequently donated to the Chiusi and Chianciano museums that in turn donated many pieces to the British Museum and the Museum of Dresden.




  • Swimming pool

    The pool used by the hamlet’s structures is a few minutes’ walk from the houses, at the end of a path lined with cypress trees planted by our great-grandfather Domenico, in the early 1900s. At the end of the path is a stone table, which is also surrounded by two rows of cypress trees.

    It is called “La Rotonda” and is one of the places where our children spend most of their time, just like when we were small.
    The pool is right beside, in a clearing amid the fir trees. One morning, a friend of ours happened to go for a walk up to the pool very early and layed there for a while. Later, he told us he was enchanted, as if he were in a fairy-tale place, where he could have seen gnomes and elves pop out any minute.

  • Corner

    At the centre of the hamlet YOU WILL FIND the “Corner”, the meeting place IN Camporsevoli, where YOU CAN ENJOY AN APERITIVO, BORROW A BOOK OR A GAME.

    We will get to know each other, meet other Camporsevoli guests and, if you like, it is the ideal place and the perfect time to plan tours and activities. During the day at the Corner you can find magazines, guidebooks of Italy and Tuscany, books to swap and an honesty bar with drinks and snacks.



Guests’ Review

Comments from our Guestbook


"We've all been affected and refreshed by living with the history of this ancient hill, experiencing the hospitality of its present guardians,
enjoying every moment of the beauty of the landscape, the silence and peace of this place. For all of this, Thanks!"


Veronica, Susan and Robert, Australia 2006


"An elegant retreat from cares and woes. Luxuriant views from each window, frangrances of jasmine.
At poolside, butterflies. Cooler temperatures at night. ...
Room for 8 but nooks for reading, writing and solitude. No intrusions."

Joe and Peg



"Paradise in a castle on a hill. We saw it from afar and it was wonderful to come home to.
I looked out of my window like a princess looking over the wall. Truly a throwback in time."

Kathleen, Long Beach


"Avec bonheur nous avons profitè de la tranquillitè de la terrasse,
de l'ombre des arbres pour manger avec famille et amis, de la beaute de la piscine
pour se reposer et rigoler avec les enfants. Notre sejour etait parfait."

Sylvie et Michel


"How wonderful to have the opportunity to share the extraordinary experiences with one's dearest friends
in the perfect location. Camporsevoli provided that location this week...
you have given us memories we shall never forget"

Steve, Illinois, USA