Our Houses

Apartments and Independent Villas

Our Houses

With apartments or entire independent villas, Camporsevoli offers accommodations for every type of guest, from a sole couple to a large family, up to more than forty people.

The available accommodations is divided between houses within the hamlet (Casa del Neri, la Canonica, Casa del Fattore and Attico) and the houses 1km below the hamlet (Le Capanne and Il Poderino). Or, as classified in the table below, between apartments and exclusive farmhouses.


Accommodations within the hamlet are suitable for those who want to be completely immersed in a historical place and perhaps meet someone along its streets. They are perfect for families with children who will surely make friends with our children or those of other guests, and play carefree for endless hours. Yet still be totally safe as no one else but us live in the hamlet. Le Capanne and Poderino are our most secluded houses, each with its own exclusive pool and garden, offering the greatest possible privacy, where you can slip on your bathing suit in the morning when you wake up and take it off at night when you go to dinner.

Each house has been restored according to the strictest Tuscan traditions, without overlooking modern comfort. Each house is equipped with satellite TV and access to internet. Every house has access to a pool, private or shared, and outdoor area with recreational facilities, if not entire exclusive gardens.

"Each house has been restored according to the strictest Tuscan traditions, without overlooking modern comfort."


Weekly prices

Low Season
May 15-30th / 15-30 maggio
Mid Season
High Season
June to September 15th / da Giugno al 15 Settembre
Casa del Neri 1500 € 2000 € 2800 €
Le Capanne 2500 € 3200 € 3700 €
Il Poderino 2000 € 2700 € 3200 €
La Canonica 900 € 0 € 1150 €
Casa del Fattore 850 € 0 € 1100 €
Attico 950 € 0 € 1200 €

IMPORTANT: Contact us for information on: rentals that last more or less than one week - arrivals or departures not on saturdays - prices and special offers for longer rentals, buy-out, last minute deals or special times of the year