2020 is trying us all. We have had difficult months (others are still in front of us) closed in our homes, often without working: our concerns were many and various. We are therefore looking for a holiday different from what we are used to and in this the countryside comes to our aid.

The space offered by nature, healthy open air, small villages away from the crowds, independent homes where privacy is ensured are all elements that have been seeked by many visitors before now and that have acquired a new importance for others.

In Camporsevoli, as in all other structures similar to us, we adapted to the new requirements. All the characteristics listed above have always been essential and now more than ever we will be glad to greet you naturally, with no effort that is too evident.

Our houses and pools will be sanitised following the governmental rules: being an official "agriturismo" we are consequently checked and need to follow specific indications that help us in offering hospitality in a secure way for both you and us. Surfaces will be cleaned with clorox or alcohol at every guest change or more frequently in case of places used by different guests. Linen is provided via a rental service that provides certification for the sanitising products they use. The Corner will have the rules for any other common area where sanification and distancing are the primary concerns.

The pool at La Rotonda, shared by guests staying in the hamlet, offers each house a dedicated area.

We simply ask our guests to help us in respecting the rules, but we feel that the broad spaces and open air will make this much easier for all. We hope that we will be able to share fun times together, getting to know eachother and making new lasting friendships.

PLease do not hesistate in contacting us for any detailed information regarding this issue, this is what we are here for.

We look forward to meeting you soon hoping to place Camporsevoli amongst the pleasant memories of this rough year.